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Heirloom Quilt Punch Needle Patterns

Punch Needle Quilt Pattern Pack

Be still my heart! Inspired by my favorite heirloom quilts:

Materials suggested to complete these punch needle patterns:

1- Amy Oxford Punch Needle # 10 regular or fine

2- Morgan No-Slip Hoop

3- Monks Cloth or Primitive Linen

4- Marker, Pencil or Pen

5- Scissors

6- Yarn (size depends on punch needle size)

My go-to rug yarn for the Oxford #10 regular.

My go-to yarn for the Oxford #10 fine.

Affordable everyday yarn – Lion Brand

How to transfer punch needle pattern to cloth:

1- Tape pattern to window. The sunnier it is outside, the better.

2- Center and hold and or tape cloth over pattern. 

3- Trace pattern onto cloth using and pencil or felt permanent marker. I recommend black.

4- Start with the main outline of your design then move forward into the smaller detail.

* Keep in mind that the loop side of your project will be the reverse of what you’ve traced.

I’d love if you end up making any of these patterns to snap a photo and tag me over on Instagram @cottonroots. I can’t wait to celebrate these beautiful patterns with you.

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